House Bread
18 ₪
Served with peppers paste, tehini and pesto
House Labaneh
38 ₪
Labaneh cheese, roasted artichokes, served with focaccia
Roasted Eggplant
36 ₪
With tahini, olive oil, chickpeas and fresh hot tomato salsa
Sauteed Mushroom
44 ₪
Assortment of mushrooms and baby mozzarella sautéed in butter, teriyaki and touches of pesto
Foccacia Italiana
32 ₪
Mushrooms, baby mozzarella, touches of pesto and dried tomatoes
Cheeses Arancini
38 ₪
Crispy risotto and cheese balls, served on a bed of peppers sauce
Sauteed Halloumi
52 ₪
Haloumi cheese, mushroom and onion stir-fried in wine and plum sauce. Served on a bed of sweet potato puree
Fish n Chips
65 ₪
Crispy fried sea bass, served with fries and dips
38 ₪
Tomato, cherry tomatoes, onion, radish, baby mozzarella and pesto
Israeli Tapas Plate
52 ₪
labaneh, salsa, chickpeas, egg, tahini and falafel served with focaccia
Cheeses Quesadilla
44 ₪
tortia triangles filled with cheeses and mushrooms, with house dips
The Falafelia
38 ₪
Crispy falafel balls alongside Israeli chopped salad, homemade tahini, and pickled cabbage, served bread
Potato chips
26\32 ₪


Salmon Filet
82 ₪
Oven baked in lemony-honey sauce, served with Sweet potato puree and fennel salad
Sea-bass Filet
79 ₪
Oven baked in oil- herbs sauce, served with black lentils, herbs mix, roasted sweet potatoes and cranberries
Balkan Gyros
79 ₪
grilled chuncks of sea-bass on frana bread
roastaed vegeyables and tahini


Sweet potato Salad
56 ₪
Sweet potatoes strips sautéed in teriyaki, tomato, cucumber, red onion, mushrooms, lettuce, feta and roasted nuts and seeds, in olive oil and lemon dressing
Health Salad
54 ₪
black lentils, baked beets, roasted sweet potatoes, red onion, radishes, herbs mix, cranberries and walnuts in olive oil and lemon dressing
Halumi Salad
56 ₪
halumi cheese, mushrooms, cucumber, tomato, red onion, lettuce, sprouts in Apple cider vinaigrette and teriyaki
Florentine Salad
54 ₪
tomato, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives, lettuce, hardboiled egg, seasoned chickpeas and tahini in olive oil and lemon dressing (add tuna: 5 nis)
Goat Salad
58 ₪
rocket, lettuce, baked beets, apples, goat cheese, roasted almonds, in maple vinaigrette
Add Bread-3 NIS


48 ₪
fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil and fresh garlic
52 ₪
fresh tomatoes, touches of cream and basil
52 ₪
mushrooms sautéed in butter, cream sauce and nutmeg
Aglio e Olio
52 ₪
olive oil, garlic, dried tomatoes, white wine, parsley and mozzarella
56 ₪
cream, butter, garlic, smoked salmon and nutmeg
52 ₪
tomato sauce, garlic, chili pepper, kalamata olives, parsley and feta
Quattro formaggi
56 ₪
cream, goat cheese, feta, roquefort and parmesan
59 ₪
Fresh mushrooms, chestnuts and nutmeg
(choice of penne /linguine/ fresh lasagnette (add: 5 nis

Fresh Handmade Pasta

Sweet potato Ravioli
62 ₪
mushrooms sautéed in butter, cream sauce and nutmeg
Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli
64 ₪
sour cherry tomatoes, cream sauce and sliced almonds
Roasted eggplant Ravioli
62 ₪
olive oil, artichoke, cherry, red onion, fresh basil and feta
Cheese Tortellini
64 ₪
in lemony sage sauce
Gnocchi Tricolor
59 ₪
Sweet potato, spinach and beetroot gnocchi in cream sauce with diced sweet potatoes and chestnuts


46 ₪
fresh tomato sauce with hints of basil
Supplements 3 nis:
mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, olives, fresh hot peppers .
Supplements 5 nis:
Feta, egg, tuna.
Supplements 9 nis:
Smoked salmon , goat cheese, parmesan cheese, artichoke.
58 ₪
Cream sauce, smoked salmon and a fried egg (add roquefort: 5 nis)
52 ₪
tomato sauce, red onion, Bulgarian cheese, roasted peppers, kalamata olives and parsley
The Forest
52 ₪
rosé sauce and an assortment of mushrooms stir-fired in butter
56 ₪
artichoke, red onion, arugula, olive oil and limited balsamic vinegar
Quattro Formaggi
56 ₪
tomato sauce, goat cheese, Bulgarian, mozzarella and parmesan (add roquefort: 5 nis)
baked on-site a brick oven- 100% mozzarella cheese